Why Fast Track?

In rural India, the informal sector has been doing better than its formal counterparts on economic parameters including job creation. In every village or a cluster, we find high potential young men and women who can trigger a process of economic change and help create better income opportunities for other people within their communities. Despite having young, motivated individuals ready to open up new business ventures, enterprises often fail due to the absence of a proper support system.

The Fast Track Programme is a year-long comprehensive programme consisting of a series of events which help rural youths and entrepreneurs train in business skills and set up or expand their businesses.
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Who can apply?

Fast Track programme offers opportunities for NGOs, CSOs, Donors, CSRs to send potential youth who after receiving training will not only earn a good income, create missing value links but will also become a change agent for the development of local rural economy at a comparatively low but impactful investment. The organisations can nominate high potential, aspiring youth and help them to participate in the challenges.

If you are youth who is looking for an opportunity like Fast Track to incubate, accelerate or scale up your business but you have no one to nominate, please self nominate yourself. Based on the merit of your application our expert team will further guide you to participate in the challenge.

Fast Track Entrepreneurs at a glance

Trained in improved livestock rearing by Myrada Green College, Holalkere
She aspires to have 20 cows and encourage others to buy cows and start sub milk collection centre in her village with the support of Myrada Green College.
She aspires to improve the lives of all the women in her village by motivating and empowering them. Just like herself, she wants other women to also enjoy the stature of social recognition and confidence.
Trained in backyard small ruminent and poultry farming by SRAN, Nimpi
Trained in using Bio-Inputs by SPWD, Ranchi
Perceived as a leader amongst other women, she aspires to help each and every trainee help them be successful entrepreneurs. She already has set an example for others to follow.