IIRD-Green College, Sompuri Road, Bidkin-431105. Taluka/ Block: Paithan, District: Aurangabad, Maharashtra State.


It is 20 Km from Aurangabad district headquarter and way to Paithan Road.

Green Trades

• All the course curriculum we used from ASCI and NSFI

Operational Area

Green College Operational area is in Aurangabad district from Marathwada Region. We selected 5 clusters from the Block of Paithan. Total 42 village we covered for Green College trainings for youths, farmers etc.

About IIRD

In 1987, Dr. Alexander Daniel began his search for alternatives in farming methods that can improve the livelihoods of small and marginal farmers in dry land regions. His keen observations and constant dialogue with the farmers led to his conviction that organic farming is the key to sustainable rural livelihoods. This same conviction was shared by traditional farmers who enjoyed the benefits of healthy foods, fertile soils, and less agro-climatic risks albeit in small fragments of lands. What started as an organic farming movement in 6 villages of Paithan block of Aurangabad district in 1987 has spread to 94 villages in the district and also to other 5 districts of Marathwada region. Dr. Alexander Daniel started the organization (IIRD) to further promote organic farming and allied livelihoods. The aim of the organization is to build the capacities of particularly the women farmers in their knowledge, farming practices and entrepreneurial skills.

Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD) Green College and established with the same ideals. IIRD Green College has been working for the Skill based training to the farmers, village youth for promotion of sustainable livelihoods through organic farming and has enabled thousands of small farmers in the region to transform to organic farming practices and increased their income by at least more than 20%.

IIRD is the recipient of the Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) Award, which is an international award that was presented in the Philippines for those organizations around the world that have done exemplary work in the improvement of the livelihoods of small farmers with the conservation of the environment.

IIRD is also the recipient of the KrishiBushan award by the Government of Maharashtra for notable work with regard to promotion of organic agriculture among small and marginal farmers in the state.
IIRD is selected as the apex organization by NABARD for the Village Development Programme (VDP), Farmers club, JLG, RIPF programme.
IIRD is implementing the CSR programmes/ activity in the village level in Water conservation programme, Health & sanitation, School sanitation and Environment Education progrmame in the schools.
IIRD is one of the Project Implementation Agencies (PIA) of the Integrated Water Management Project (IWMP) – VasundharaProgramme – of the Government of Maharashtra.

Available physical infrastructure

Office Premises
The IIRD has its own office premises. A registered head office that is located in the suburbs of the city. Along with three office rooms, the office also has a guest room.

The IIRD-Green College office is situated 20 kms from Aurangabad in Bidkin village. The double storey office of 6000 sq.ft is in a 17 acre campus that also has demonstration farms, hostel facilities to accommodate at least 50 persons, a vocational training centre of 10,000 sq. ft area, and a guest house.

Office furniture

The IIRD offices are fully furnished and adequately equipped with office desks, chairs, tables, as required for desk work, meeting, and trainings for good working environment. The IIRD project office has meeting and training rooms suitably furnished for 60 participants.
Computer Hardware
The IIRD office has 11 desktop computers and 6 notebook computers. Many of these computers are connected by LAN network with broadband Internet access. The organization has its own Website, domain, with support of email addresses @iird.org.in. The offices also have 7 printers – both laser and deskjet printers connected over LAN and for personal use. The IIRD office also has Four photocopier machines.

Audio-visual equipment’s

IIRD has one video camera capable of DVD quality recording and three digital cameras. The IIRD office also has one multi-media projector that is used for trainings, presentations, and meetings.